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 Jokerz #31 is a true connoisseur’s cultivar. It is a unique twist on the flavor expression of White Runtz, which has a gelato-leaning floral, perfume, candy and gassy terpene profile. This flavorful smoke induces a powerful yet relaxing effect. It has become a fan favorite for its striking purple buds densely covered in trichomes. It has a Limonene, β-caryophyllene, and myrcene dominant terpene profile and typically tests between 27-30+% THC.

Jokerz (White Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato) was bred by Compound Genetics. Jokerz #31 was an outstanding selection made from 180 plants at Waverider Nursery in 2020 and underwent extensive quality testing before being elevated into the Compound Genetics flower brand. In the final days before harvest, each phenotype was carefully inspected for trichome development, plant structure, and color. Of those final selections, only the most fragrant and intriguing phenos were chosen to be kept and tested further. Although we kept a few different Jokerz phenos in house, the Jokerz #31 was the undeniable standout. After the flower was dried & cured, the #31 pheno was selected as the most flavorful and smooth smoke. With two years of tissue culture stabilization and test flower runs in a multitude of environments, this phenotype has proven itself as an elite cut. Since then, it has gained notoriety as a rare strain since it was never widely circulated and remains difficult to find.

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